I would like to thank JIC Elementary School for everything it has done over the year. My children go through the school and for each of them it has been a positive and rewarding experience filled with my happy memories that will remain with them as they go through life. I chose JIC School for my children because I wanted them to not only receive a good education but also to be in an atmosphere that is religious based, with teachers, and staff that have the same values and beliefs that the children were being brought up with at home. This was and still is important to me as the younger years of a child’s life is the foundation of their teen and adult life. I want to thank all the teachers that give so unselfishly of their time and talents to the students of the school, not only in the daily classroom teachings but also all the extracurricular activities that went on after school. Thank you to the support staff and administration who keeps the school running so efficiently. I have been very happy with JIC School and everything it has provided to my family. It is a school with thought that every child is important and has potential, thank you again!
Mr. Mubeen Qureshi

Alhumdulillah I am fully satisfied by my kid’s progress at JIC Elementary School. Despite the limited resources, they have performed very well both in curriculum as well as Islamic studies. I don't need to send them to any weekend school any more".
Mrs. Waheed

JIC Elementary school is a great blessing for our children which made Islamic education affordable for many deserving families. I saw really positive change in my children in their behavior. It combined regular Canadian curriculum and Islamic education. Teachers are very dedicated and doing really good job.
Mrs. Saima Farhan

I am very happy with the JIC School; staff is very professional, caring and hard working. I am pleased with the Islamic studies and curriculum.
Parent grade 2

My daughter is studying in JIC Elementary School, I would like to comment about the school. The school is doing great; my daughter really likes to be here. Also her knowledge is increasing and I am very happy to say that she is memorizing Surah’s and adopting other basic Islamic values. I am thankful to team of JIC who are working hard with the students in Islamic environment. I am praying may Allah bless you all and give you more success in next coming years.
Mr. Ahmed

JIC Elementary School has made remarkable progress in its first year. There is no comparison of the quality of education. The teachers are qualified hardworking, fair and Cooperative. Children studying here are taught Islamic mannerism according to Quran & sunnah. I wish this school the very best in the future.
Mrs. Jamal

Our School adheres to the Ontario Ministry Guidelines